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FINISH LINE ENGINES LLC Was started in March of 2006 by Ryan Callies, while maintaining a full time job as a Master BMW Tech at Mischler's Harley Davidson and BMW. Ryan also was working part time for Eric Gorr. The idea was to supplement income due to the long Wisconsin winters. The gears were turning and ended up sub-contracting Engines and Crank rebuilds from Eric Gorr. Eric also got Ryan hooked up with US Chrome. In 2011 Ryan ended his job at Mischler's. The work flow continued to grow. The relationship with Scott Reath @ Us Chrome grew as well. Scott convince Ryan in 2014 to work 4 days a week to help with sales as well as continue to sub-contract work for Finish Line Engines. The sales position turned into shop manager. Scott passed away earlier in 2020 leaving Ryan to help fight the battel. Although time is limited more now than ever, Ryan continues to push and grow the Finish Line Engines Team! We have limited the amount of service work done to stay focused on crank rebuilds, porting, cylinder repair, engines, and dyno tuning. With over 25 years of experience we can never give up!

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