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Motorcycle Info
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Service Options


Big bore kit____ Size requested? ____ Re-plating to stock bore size____
Cylinder porting package___ Cylinder base machining___ Head mods___
Cylinder Crankcase porting/boring___ Diamond honing_____
Notes: ________________________________________________________

Cylinder head rebuilding with porting, valve job, assembly and adjustment____
Big bore kit____ Size requested? ____ Re-plating to stock bore size____
Notes: ________________________________________________________

Total Engine Rebuilding___ Crankshaft Stroking___ Crankshaft rebuilding___
Bore/Hone iron cylinder___
Notes: ________________________________________________________

If you’re getting a big bore kit, just check the boxes for big bore and powerband and fuel type choices. Big bore kits come with piston kit, gaskets, bearing, lifetime honing and powerband adjustments.

Power-band Choices
More Low to Mid-Range___ Ideal for stadium mx, off-road, or novices.
More Mid-Range to Top End___ Ideal for outdoor mx, intermediate to expert riders.
Mo-Betta a wider smoother powerband with less hit in the mid-range___
Fuel Choices: Pump__ Race__ E85__

Note: Checking the Pump fuel box means that we will modify the cylinder head for lower compression, and that means less power than the maximum potential. You can still run Race fuel occasionally but you may need to adjust the jetting depending on the composition of the fuel. If you ride strictly at high altitude (over 5,000ft above sea level) Check this box___


Payment Methods

We use PayPal when paying with credit cards. You will recieve a PayPal  

We also accept bank checks, money orders, personal checks, business checks, and UPS C.O.D. payable to

Finish  Line Engines
Check enclosed_____ Enclose a bank check, money-order, personal or business check
Return package by UPS C.O.D. ______The UPS driver will ask for a Bank Check payable to Finish Line Engines.


PayPal is an electronic currency exchange that enables you to use your credit card with anonymity. Check it out at We accept PayPal and we'll invoice you by email.

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1) Power wash bike and engine before attempting to dismantle.
2) For complete engines, drain the oil and remove the spark plug and shifter.
3) For top end only services, follow this procedure;

Remove the seat, gas tank, and exhaust pipe, drain the coolant, remove the head stay brackets, disconnect the radiator hoses to the top end, remove the right side powervalve cover, disconnect the powervale actuating rod and don’t dismantle the powervalve system. Remove the 4 nuts holding the cylinder to the crankcases; use a plastic mallet to rock the cylinder from side-to-side to un-stick the cylinder from the case-pins. Put the top end assembly in a plastic bag so it doesn’t leak spooge through the box. You’re welcome to send your old piston for free analysis.

Instructions on How to Ship Top Ends and Engines

For individual top end parts, send the complete cylinder, head, and power valves all bolted together. Place it in a plastic bag so it doesn’t leak through the box. Use a 10x10x10 inch box and plenty of tightly packed paper or Styrofoam peanuts.

For Yamaha YZ and Suzuki RM models for Supermini or 144 conversions, send the whole engine. Double-box the engine with at least a few inches of packing material between the engine and box and the inner box and the outer box. If you choose UPS, save the tracking number so you can track your package to see when it arrives. All orders are checked into the system in the week they arrive and turnaround time varies based on seasonality. You can send your parts by any freight carrier; take care to insure the parts for their value.

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